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Grapefruit 50/50

Its been a while my fellow vegetarianistas. We do apologize for the long hiatus on posts. Its been quite a busy few months since we last spoke. We have been up to quite a bit between trying new veggie joints and cooking new delightful dishes. All of which will be shared with our readers.

With the summer months approaching we all crave delicious fresh fruit. From sweet strawberries to tart citrus oranges, fruit in its natural state can be an excellent thirst quencher during the hottest months of the year. A fruit that has always been a go to fruit for improving the skin and regulating appetite is the refreshingly bitter grapefruit. Here is an overview of the many benefits and surprisingly unknown dangers present in grapefruit:

The grapefruit is a hybridized fruit in the citrus family. It was possibly a naturally occurring hybrid bred in the isles of Barbados.   The taste of grapefruit is sweet and tart interchangeably. The fruit gets its name from the fact that it tends to grow in clusters resembling a bunch of grapes.

Grapefruit has many naturally occurring properties that are beneficial to maintaining health. Vitamins C,B1,B2 and P are found in grapefruit. Red grapefruit contains the aforementioned vitamins as well as lycopene and beta carotene. Packed with potassium, this fruit is low calorie and lower in sugar than oranges. The seeds in grapefruit are packed with antioxidants.It is always powerful in reducing fevers when one has a cold or flu. It is also a great way to reduce one’s appetite which can aide in weight loss. Eating grapefruit can also assist in lowering cholesterol.

Despite all the wonderful benefits to eating a grapefruit it can actually be detrimental for some. Too much grapefruit can erode the enamel on teeth due to its high acidity. There are approximately 85 different medications that can have adverse interactions with even the smallest amount of grapefruit or grapefruit juice. Even a minutia of a serving like what is present in certain citrus flavored soda’s can cause a drug interaction with certain medications. A study taken by researchers from the University of Hawaii and University of Southern California found that grapefruit can increase the chances of a post menopausal women developing breast cancer by 30 %. Grapefruit allergies are uncommon but do occur in some individuals. Some allergic reactions are an itchy mouth, breaking into hives, stomach discomfort or can result in death.

As with anything, one should practice moderation when consuming grapefruit. It is best to eat this fruit occasionally and use precaution before consuming it . If one doesn’t suffer from any allergies to grapefruit or is not on certain medications that could have an interaction, this fruit can have many benefits and serve as a delicious treat.

ImagePhoto courtesy of Wikipedia.