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Drinking shakes the “Mega Way”, is the best way!

Finding a vegetarian health shake that is not only tasty, but also ripe with health benefits is not always an easy task. I’ve found a lot of veg shake mixes to be either void of flavor and ripe with nutritional benefits, or possessing an amazing taste but having an inferior protein source, most often isolated soy protein, which is super processed and just plain unhealthy. So to that end, I hadn’t really gone the shake route for some time, as I was really never satisfied with what I saw on the market.

Two weeks ago, I met Adam Schmidt, a partner and herb specialist at Mega Way shakes, a company that recognizes the importance of true nutrition without skimping on taste.  Adam gave me a sample of the Mega Way Organic Meal Replacement Shake, which is designed to balance the ten body systems— immune, intestinal, nervous, glandular, respiratory, digestive, emotional, urinary, structural and circulatory. What sold me personally was the use of turmeric and Ashwagandha powder, both are incredibly beneficial for anxiety and depression (yes your blog writer is anxiety prone, ^_^ ).  I was also keen on the exotic creamy flavor of the shakes; the mix goes particularly well with almond milk and coconut milk.

Mega Way shakes are completely gluten free and use organic whey protein concentrate as a protein base; two scoops of the shake mix yield 23 grams of protein and seven grams of fiber!  As I mentioned earlier, very few shakes are quite this complete, and 100% free of GMOS, pesticides, and other yucky by-products that get in the way of our well-being.

Along with the shake, Adam gave me a sample of Mega Way’s “Nature’s Optimal Nutrition” liquid multiple vitamin. He recommended that I add the vitamin to the shake, and at first, I was a bit apprehensive (I’m not big on vitamin tastes). After tasting the vitamin version of the shake, however, I was sold—it’s really yummy! I even tried a sample of the vitamin sans shake simply mixed in water and it still packed a good flavor.  The multi has 76 organic vitamins and minerals including 2,000 IU of Vitamin D and 100 mcg of B12; both of course  are critical for vegetarians to obtain regularly.

The shakes are available for purchase on Mega Way’s website, and can be bought as one week, two week, or one month kits. There are even sample kits available for those who are interested in simply trying the products.

Check out more information on Mega Way and try out the shakes by purchasing their one week sample kit, at:

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After transitioning to a meatless diet two years ago, Lauren and I had no choice but to learn lots of great vegetarian recipes---and fast---after all, we always loved great food. The reason for our decision to omit meat and most dairy products from our lives was quite simple. A vegetarian diet is healthier, kinder, and ironically much cheaper than one with meat. We created this website to show that being a vegetarian is one of the easiest and most rewarding lifestyles to partake in, and hope that both vegetarians and aspiring vegetarians alike will visit Go-Vegetarianista habitually. :) About the authors: Nadya Rousseau is an actor/writer/producer residing in Beverly Hills, CA. She moved to Los Angeles almost five years ago at the age of nineteen to pursue her career and to escape the boredom of her small town. As maintaining a svelte figure is often pivotal in the entertainment industry, she finds she has no trouble staying slim and healthy as a vegetarian. In addition to loving good food and helping others, she enjoys engaging in sarcastic banter--keep an eye out for her frequent sardonic jokes--you'll surely be amused!! Lauren Rheims, is a native of Pomona, CA, and now resides in Beverly Hills, CA. She is a fashion and nature photographer, and of course loves shooting pictures of super yummy food! Lauren at first was apprehensive about becoming vegetarian, being of Creole descent, enjoying delicious seafood and meat, was more or less second nature. However after she discovered just how easy it was to enjoy the same delectable meals sans meat, she was thrilled! Lauren is excited to show everyone the simplicity and allure of vegetarian fare--and just how fun it can be!

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