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Healthy Snacking Makes Happy People

Have you ever been that person sitting in the corner, happily munching on carrots and hummus on a break at work, only to have someone barge into the breakroom exclaiming “I don’t know what to eat!!” Do you notice that same person enter the breakroom countless times throughout the day, and each time they are eating something incredibly unhealthy? Most likely, the person is genuinely hungry, because the snacks they are eating are low in fiber, low in protein, and high in bad starchy non-complex carbs.

I must admit, I too have been the person with the bad snacking habits before; we all have. Unfortunately, bad habits are hard to break, but not impossible!

Potato chips, pretzels, mainstream candies, and even mainstream yogurts are rarely going to keep someone full. To stay full and satisfied, we must think it terms of FIBER, PROTEIN, & COMPLEX CARBOHYDRATES.

Why is this? This is because foods high in fiber take  longer to break down in one’s system, so what you are receiving is pure nutrition, opposed to a pure sugar rush. When food takes longer to break down, you feel fuller longer, and don’t need to run back and forth to the fridge for more “pointless” snacks.  Protein is important, of course, because it will keep you fuller longer, and complex carbs (i.e. whole grain crackers,brown rice, sweet potatoes, etc) are not quick to convert to sugar.

And don’t think for a second that healthy Vegetarian snacks=boring yuckiness! On the contrary! See below for a list of my favorite “go-to” healthy Veg snacks! Additionally, see my list of snacks to avoid.

*Sweet potato–great with a dollop of hummus, dollop of non-fat greek yogurt or crumbled low-fat Vegetarian goat cheese*

*Whole grain chips w/spreadable low-fat cheese, hummus, peanut butter or other healthy fibrous spread*

*Raw Almonds, Walnuts, or Sunflower Seeds w/an apple, pear, or banana*

*Non-fat yogurt with ground flax seed (There is a great brand of Blueberry Flax @ Trader Joe’s we <3) and fruit*

*Soy yogurt*

*Bowl of whole grain cereal w/coconut milk, almond milk or soy milk*

*Whole grain tortilla chips w/avocado and salsa*

*Half-cup of black beans or lentils seasoned to taste*

What’s important is to be creative so you don’t get bored, and again, Look for high fiber content, whole grains, and adequate protein (5 grams or more)

Snack foods to avoid:

Basic Chips (They are fattening, oily, and have no nutritional benefits whatsoever!)

Chocolate candies/candybars (Fattening, high in sugar, and low in protein)

Fries (Oily, fattening…substituting for sweet potato fries is a much better option!)

Cup of Noodles (Umm…so high in sodium, so low in protein, and undeniably high in starchy non-complex carbs)

Fruity  Yogurt (The yogurts that have flavors, i.e. key lime pie, strawberry, etc. Often very high in sugar. Try not to consume yogurt with a sugar content of over 30 grams. The high sugar content causes a spike in your blood sugar and thus will not keep you full for very long. Best to go to the health food store or simply purchase plain yogurt and dress it up later)

Gummie Bears ( We are not five. This is all artificial gelatin ridden yuckiness)

Cookies (High in sugar, low in protein and fiber.)

The list, of course, goes on.

Make healthy choices! You’ll feel better and be a HAPPIER person! =)

About govegetarianista86

After transitioning to a meatless diet two years ago, Lauren and I had no choice but to learn lots of great vegetarian recipes---and fast---after all, we always loved great food. The reason for our decision to omit meat and most dairy products from our lives was quite simple. A vegetarian diet is healthier, kinder, and ironically much cheaper than one with meat. We created this website to show that being a vegetarian is one of the easiest and most rewarding lifestyles to partake in, and hope that both vegetarians and aspiring vegetarians alike will visit Go-Vegetarianista habitually. :) About the authors: Nadya Rousseau is an actor/writer/producer residing in Beverly Hills, CA. She moved to Los Angeles almost five years ago at the age of nineteen to pursue her career and to escape the boredom of her small town. As maintaining a svelte figure is often pivotal in the entertainment industry, she finds she has no trouble staying slim and healthy as a vegetarian. In addition to loving good food and helping others, she enjoys engaging in sarcastic banter--keep an eye out for her frequent sardonic jokes--you'll surely be amused!! Lauren Rheims, is a native of Pomona, CA, and now resides in Beverly Hills, CA. She is a fashion and nature photographer, and of course loves shooting pictures of super yummy food! Lauren at first was apprehensive about becoming vegetarian, being of Creole descent, enjoying delicious seafood and meat, was more or less second nature. However after she discovered just how easy it was to enjoy the same delectable meals sans meat, she was thrilled! Lauren is excited to show everyone the simplicity and allure of vegetarian fare--and just how fun it can be!

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