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Happy World Vegetarian Day/ Vegetarian Awareness Month!

Happy World Vegetarian Day everyone and Happy World Vegetarian Awareness Month! In lieu of this month long celebration, we kicked it off with a yummy vegetarian breakfast burrito, made with eggs, cheese and potatoes on lavash bread with a side of  salsa and guacamole. Lunch was courtesy of Trader Joe’s; we shared a delicious lentil wrap which was completely Vegan. The wrap was stuffed with cabbage and lentil beans on lavash bread and came with a creamy side of spicy tahini dressing. 🙂 Just tasty! For dinner we kept it simple and quick—Oriental flavored ramen noodles, tofu, a sweet potato with yogurt and Mediterranean hummus! Visit this site for more information and how you can further your impact on the world through monetary donations and increase awareness When you go vegetarian you’re a different person and you can turn the world around!

If you are already a Vegetarian or Vegan, be sure to spread the importance of your healthy lifestyle to others. Of course, do so without being patronizing. Take a friend or family member to your favorite Vegetarian restaurant, or offer to cook them dinner.  If you’re in the LA area, head over to Truly A Vegan Restaurant, the food will surely have anyone convinced that eating Vegetarian is unquestionably satisfying! (See review below)

Do you ever crave breakfast for dinner but don’t feel like eating at your run of the mill chain diners? If so, Truly A Vegan Restaurant, located on Hollywood Blvd close to the Los Feliz enclave, will surely satisfy the craving of breakfast for dinner! Their friendly staff is very efficient and kind. Breakfast Joy is an item on the menu consisting of a tofu scramble, soy bacon bits and Vegan cheese (a choice of mozzarella or cheddar–always casein-free) wrapped in a chapatti bread. Tasty and simple, it’s a meal not to be missed. Breakfast Protein, is a menu option entailing wheat-free pancakes that are soft not spongy and with the right amount of sweetness, a well seasoned tofu scramble, soy bacon bits and cheese (again same two cheese options that are casein-free). My favorite in particular is the Breakfast Perfection, you get a choice of wheat free pancakes, this time made with blueberries and bananas. In the Breakfast Perfection you are given syrup and vegan margarine. The margarine is just amazing. I also enjoy the blueberry pancakes with soy sausage and their tofu scramble.

Truly A Vegan Restaurant makes incredible lunches as well. Their lentil burger is seasoned with cilantro and onion,  you also get a choice of Vegan cheese (mozzarella or cheddar) on a bun. The BLT is one of the best I’ve ever had! Their soy bacon and Veganaise goes so well together and on whole wheat toast can’t be beat! All American fare like their burgers and sandwhiches are paired well with their vegan style shakes.  For healthier beverage options try the ginger tea known for its curative properties! Or if you still insist on having a sweet tooth try their version of Thai Iced tea! It’s Dreamy!

After eating a crave satisfying meal at Truly, don’t hesitate to ask for dessert, their vegan coconut ice cream is unmatched. We two vegetarianistas love to end a hard day of work or play at this eatery, especially for breakfast for dinner! Visit their website you can put in your order online or just drop by

About govegetarianista86

After transitioning to a meatless diet two years ago, Lauren and I had no choice but to learn lots of great vegetarian recipes---and fast---after all, we always loved great food. The reason for our decision to omit meat and most dairy products from our lives was quite simple. A vegetarian diet is healthier, kinder, and ironically much cheaper than one with meat. We created this website to show that being a vegetarian is one of the easiest and most rewarding lifestyles to partake in, and hope that both vegetarians and aspiring vegetarians alike will visit Go-Vegetarianista habitually. :) About the authors: Nadya Rousseau is an actor/writer/producer residing in Beverly Hills, CA. She moved to Los Angeles almost five years ago at the age of nineteen to pursue her career and to escape the boredom of her small town. As maintaining a svelte figure is often pivotal in the entertainment industry, she finds she has no trouble staying slim and healthy as a vegetarian. In addition to loving good food and helping others, she enjoys engaging in sarcastic banter--keep an eye out for her frequent sardonic jokes--you'll surely be amused!! Lauren Rheims, is a native of Pomona, CA, and now resides in Beverly Hills, CA. She is a fashion and nature photographer, and of course loves shooting pictures of super yummy food! Lauren at first was apprehensive about becoming vegetarian, being of Creole descent, enjoying delicious seafood and meat, was more or less second nature. However after she discovered just how easy it was to enjoy the same delectable meals sans meat, she was thrilled! Lauren is excited to show everyone the simplicity and allure of vegetarian fare--and just how fun it can be!

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