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Toxic Tank Tops

Sometimes, harmful contaminants will find their way into the most unexpected places.  Recently, Greenpeace made the discovery that  chemical toxins somehow “accidentally” ended up in top 14 brands of clothing. Much too my dismay, one of these brands is the popular clothing brand H&M. I practically live in H & M! The other brands are:  Calvin Klein, Adidas, Converse, Ralph Lauren, Abercrombie & Fitch, Bauer Hockey, Cortefiel, Uniqlo, Gap,  Lacoste, Nike, Phillips-Van Heusen Corporation (PVH Corp) and Puma.

The chemicals are nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPEs), and break down to create nonylphenol, a dangerous toxin that is known for closely mimicking female hormones. Too many female hormones can cause hormone-related disturbances, particularly among women as they can alter sexual development and cause reproductive problems.

While most people would be under the assumption that because we are not ingesting the chemicals and simply wearing clothing containing them, that there really is not much to be concerned about. Unfortunately a lot of us tend to dismiss the skin as not being as significant as say, the heart, lungs, or liver.  I cannot stress enough that the skin is our largest organ, and it absorbs most everything applied to it.

In any event, it is good to be aware, and as vegetarians, we must try and be as health conscious as possible. At times all of these new findings can be daunting, but at least we are staying “in the loop of things” so to speak.

<3, nadya

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After transitioning to a meatless diet two years ago, Lauren and I had no choice but to learn lots of great vegetarian recipes---and fast---after all, we always loved great food. The reason for our decision to omit meat and most dairy products from our lives was quite simple. A vegetarian diet is healthier, kinder, and ironically much cheaper than one with meat. We created this website to show that being a vegetarian is one of the easiest and most rewarding lifestyles to partake in, and hope that both vegetarians and aspiring vegetarians alike will visit Go-Vegetarianista habitually. :) About the authors: Nadya Rousseau is an actor/writer/producer residing in Beverly Hills, CA. She moved to Los Angeles almost five years ago at the age of nineteen to pursue her career and to escape the boredom of her small town. As maintaining a svelte figure is often pivotal in the entertainment industry, she finds she has no trouble staying slim and healthy as a vegetarian. In addition to loving good food and helping others, she enjoys engaging in sarcastic banter--keep an eye out for her frequent sardonic jokes--you'll surely be amused!! Lauren Rheims, is a native of Pomona, CA, and now resides in Beverly Hills, CA. She is a fashion and nature photographer, and of course loves shooting pictures of super yummy food! Lauren at first was apprehensive about becoming vegetarian, being of Creole descent, enjoying delicious seafood and meat, was more or less second nature. However after she discovered just how easy it was to enjoy the same delectable meals sans meat, she was thrilled! Lauren is excited to show everyone the simplicity and allure of vegetarian fare--and just how fun it can be!

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